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GOSAC x AHS - Perth


Meet Dean

4 June 2021

 A true inspiration to us at Accidental Health & Safety – Perth, at the age of 10 he founded the charity organisation Give our Strays a Chance (GOSAC), now a university student, RSPCA Junior ambassador and author of the book Saving the World-One Stray at a Time.

GOSAC has impacted the community by distributing repurposed goods, raising donations and saving the lives of strays in animal shelters whilst raising awareness towards the adoption of stray animals.

He has partnered with Animal Rescue Cooperative and Petbarn to aid the An act of Kindness program, delivering food for pets to families in need, as well as medical supplies to wildlife affected by Australian bushfires.

At Accidental Health & Safety – Perth, we care for our family, staff and friends (including our furry ones) and want to do our part for the community and reduce waste at the same time. Our first aid servicing includes the removal and replacement of expired medical supplies in accordance to professional standards, however we want to support Dean by re-purposing and donating our expired goods (that are still perfectly usable) whilst assisting in spreading the message to #AdoptnotShop.

Help us support Dean and GOSAC and visit the Give our Strays a Chance website on or contact us and see how we can help you or the community.


Hooch & Otis

Dean's dogs Hooch (brown dog) and Otis (the wrinkly one) both had many medical issues. Hooch was rescued on the day that he was about to be euthanised

Warehouse collection

Dean Morris at the Accidental Health & Safety - Perth warehouse collecting goods for donation.

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